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14.11.2008 UIx releases a new version of the mobile usability laboratory

5.11.2008 Nokia Scholarship granted for Peter Peltonen

Nokia Foundation, which makes available grants and awards for "development of information and telecommunications technologies and to promote education of the sector in Finland", has granted a Nokia Scholarship for HIIT/UIx researcher Peter Peltonen. The Scholarship was granted to support Peltonen's work on his doctoral thesis regarding ubiquitous social interaction in public settings.

5.12.2008 Talk on "Mobility oriented interaction design"

TITLE: Towards Mobility Oriented Interaction Design: Experiments in Pedestrian Navigation on Mobile Devices

TIME: 5 Dec 2008 at 14:00
LOCATION: HIIT Spektri, 3rd floor seminar room

Tetsuo Yamabe, Distributed and Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory, Waseda University, Japan
Group homepage: http://www.dcl.info.waseda.ac.jp/home/index.html


7.10.2008 Marc Davis visits UIx

Marc Davis, Social Media Guru from Yahoo! Mobile gave a lecture at TKK and visited UIx.

6.10.2008 Talk on "Mobile Spatial Interaction" by Peter Froehlich

Date: Monday 6th of October, 2008
Time: 12:00-12:30 + time for questions and F2F discussion

Mobile Spatial Interaction: Advances and Future Challenges


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