X-HIIT Researcher Rendezvous 2009 - report

November 24th, 2009 the first X-HIIT researcher meeting was organized at Helsinki Sea Life center. The event attracted 16 pre-registered researchers from all four present research programmes of the institute.

During the half-day workshop, we brainstormed on two main topics: how HIIT researchers might collaborate better and what kind of opportunities exist for intra-HIIT research co-operation. The goal of the event was to introduce people from different wings of institute to one another, get new ideas for collaborative activities and hopefully spring novel ideas for research projects. And of course to check out the aquarium!

The event succeeded quite well and all participants were satisfied with the proceedings. Although we might have wanted even more heterogeneous participants, it seemed that many more junior participants were surprised by the extent of activities taking place at HIIT.

The brainstorming produced several good ideas that remain to be developed into new practices.

Researcher collaboration ideas:

  • Social media for researcher interaction
  • Incorporate researcher interests into an internal database
  • HIIT sport events, football, floorball, etc. to promote informal meetings
  • Physical location of HIIT premises needs development, HIIT satellite office in Helsinki center could be experimented with
  • Move single research groups around the campuses
  • Participate as test users or subjects into other people’s research

Additionally we heard many promising research project ideas, which we hopefully hear more about in the near future!

The event was prepared around a working lunch and all participants had prepared an introductory slide of their interested and competences. These researcher presentations were presented as elevator pitches and all participants received a print out of the “researcher deck” (the deck is available for download from HIIT wiki: ) As a development idea for the future, the discussion may have given more time on practical collaboration ideas and requested people to present their ongoing and previous work more on research topic level to facilitate other’s understanding what they are up to. Now the discussion was initiated on a rather abstract level. All participants agreed on the need to organize similar events on the future, but volunteers for carrying out the exercise are still needed.

The discussion was facilitated by HIIT researcher Lassi A. Liikkanen and the event was overseen by the new acting director of HIIT Patrik Floreen. Special thanks to our secretary Tuomo Aalto for organizing the lunch and for Patrik for help in designing the event.

12.30 Welcome words and orientation
12.40 Working lunch and researcher pitch presentations
13.50 Problem presentations and ideation exercises
14.40 Coffee break
14.50 Guided tour to the aquarium
15.20 Project building exercises
16.00 Project presentations and senior feedback
16.40 Time for informal discussion
17.00 Closing time

The full program, presentation and notes made during the brainstorming session (as one Powerpoint) are available for download in HIIT wiki:

Event design, implementation and documentation (including photography) Lassi A. Liikkanen

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