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Starting on 11 May 2020, Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI organises a webinar series together with Helsinki Centre for Data Science HiDATA. You are warmly welcome!

The webinar series sheds light on how artificial intelligence-based systems and data science could be of help while fighting against COVID-19. It introduces some of the University of Helsinki and Aalto University top researchers and visitor lecturers from important stakeholder groups.

The webinars will be held every second Monday afternoon, starting from 11 May 2020 and they are open to everyone.

You are warmly welcome!


Monday, 8 June 2020

Join us at 3 pm (Helsinki time) for a one-hour session chaired by Patrik Floréen, vice director of HiDATA and the following talks:

  • Pan Hui, University of Helsinki: TBA
  • Miika Leminen, HUS : How HUS uses data to fight COVID-19


» Link to join the webinar online (Zoom)