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FCAI is proud to present a new multidisciplinary seminar series – AIX Forum. AIX Forum events provide a possibility to network with people applying AI in their specific domain, working in similar problems in some other domain, or actively developing new AI tools and methods that may be applied in these domains.

The first AIX Forum is organised together with The Traffic Research Unit (TRU, cognitive science, University of Helsinki). The seminar AI and Traffic will take place on the 4th of September, from 3pm to 6pm.

The event will focus on a multidisciplinary perspective on the AI trajectories in traffic in the future. The aims will be to find promising research questions in the field of smart traffic technologies, to posit fruitful research problems as well as to take a broader societal perspective to traffic. We hope the event will be great opportunity for inter-disciplinary dialogue and networking.The event is primarily directed at traffic, traffic design and safety, autonomous vehicle, traffic infrastructure and traffic education researchers, and other researchers interseted in these fields.


3pm–4pm: The algorithms of traffic. Traffic researchers present current research in their field.
4pm–5pm: Traffic in 2050. Panel discussion. Researchers from different disciplines discuss the effect of smart technologies on traffic.
5pm–6pm: Wine and networking.

Registration: The number of participants is limited, so please make sure you can make it to the event before registering. Register by the 19.8. using the following link.

AI Across Fields (AIX): Traffic

For more information:
Santeri Räisänen (FCAI): santeri.raisanen at helsinki.fi
Anna-Mari Rusanen (cognitive science, UH): anna-mari.rusanen at helsinki.fi