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Cloud-Native patterns such as microservices and serverless functions are increasing their popularity in industry, being adopted by several big players such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and many others and several companies are now following the trend, migrating their systems to microservices. However, they are not the silver bullet, and several companies are migrating to microservices hoping to achieve different benefits. In this seminar, I  will introduce motivations, issues and benefits of cloud-native, patterns. Moreover, I will present our research direction on cloud-native systems.



Davide Taibi is assistant professor (tenure track) of cloud and web engineering at the Tampere University of Technology. His research interests include software quality and cloud migration in continuous architecting processes, supporting companies in migrating to microservice-based architectures while keeping technical debt under control. He is deeply involved in the community of the Empirical Software Engineering, where he represents the Tampere University.