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Welcome to the Edge AI SIG webinar where we discuss Healthcare and also Resource Constraints!

The webinar will have the following two talks of 30 minutes each followed by a discussion for 30 minutes.
1. Distributed Intelligent Edge Computing for Future Healthcare by Erkki Harjula
2. Edge intelligence under extreme resource constraints by Luigi Acerbi.

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The brief bios of the speakers are as follows.

Erkki Harjula is an Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the Centre for Wireless Communications – Networks and Systems (CWC-NS) research group, ITEE, University of Oulu. He focuses on wireless system level architectures for future digital healthcare, where his key research topics are wrapped around intelligent trustworthy distributed IoT and edge computing.

Luigi Acerbi is Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki, where he leads the Machine and Human Intelligence research group. He is an affiliate researcher of the International Brain Laboratory and an off-site visiting scholar at New York University.

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