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Brain & Mind Computational Seminar – A monthly seminar and venue for informal conversation about topics such as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, human behaviour, and digital humanities. Welcome!

15. May: Authors: Guillaume Dumas & Suzanne Dikker

Progress in neuroimaging has allowed social neuroscientists to simultaneously capture the brain activity of multiple persons as they engage in real-time social interactions. Findings from such ‘hyperscanning’ studies have suggested that the extent to which neural activity becomes coupled between individuals, in a dyad or group, is indicative of a range of socially relevant factors, including personality traits as well as interpersonal factors such as the relationship between interlocutors and the ‘communicative success’ of an interaction. Our work ranges from careful laboratory studies to naturalistic real-world group investigations, from simulations and virtual agents to real-life dancers, and includes a range of (non)clinical populations. We layout how these different approaches may (or may not) help us characterize the neurocognitive processes that give rise to inter-brain coupling, and discuss the history, hopes, and hypes of hyperscanning research.

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