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We will organise a kick-off workshop for the FCAI Highlight D: Intelligent Urban Environment in Exactum B119 (Pietari Kalmin katu 5, Helsinki) on 3 February 2020 at 13:00–16:00.

Please register to the event by 20 January 2020 via https://forms.gle/DBtxLMPasPp42hSQ8

The purpose of the workshop is to find common interests between AI researchers and those interested in urban environment (researchers in universities and research institutes, companies, data owners, public actors etc.). The objective of the workshop is to identify common themes where we could work together towards common objectives, hopefully leading to new collaborations and projects that would not be possible by any of us alone.

This highlight is one of the core activities of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI. The purpose of this highlight is to combine cutting-edge AI research, such as done within FCAI, with applications to the environment especially in (but not strictly limited to) urban context. An activity is in the scope of this highlight if it combines the research in AI (such as modelling, interactive AI, and simulator-based inference) with applications to modelling and understanding of the urban environments. In other words, this workshop is for you if you are an AI researcher who is interested in applications of AI to the (urban) environment, or if your work and/or interests relate to the urban environment and you are interested in bringing the AI into your domain.

We will send more information about the event for the participant during January 2020. You can find up-to-date information of this workshop and other Highlight D topics here.