FCAI sets out to build AI toolbox

Box of blocks

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence has received €1.4M funding from The Future Makers program of the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation. With the funding, FCAI will build an AI software toolbox to enable companies to have a smoother transition into using artificial intelligence methods.

Even though AI has been talked about the world over for quite some time now, its full potential still remains largely untapped. The development of new solutions is slowed down by a lack of top experts, for which there’s already a fierce global competition.

“We are designing software tools with which companies can develop the AI solutions they need—instead of building AI-assisted software tools from scratch. This means you can apply AI without having extensive in-depth knowledge of AI. Our overall goal is to enable the Finnish technology industry to retain control over the core AI technology they use,” says Samuel Kaski, Academy Professor at Aalto University.