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Fin­land con­tin­ues its quest to teach 1 % of the world the ba­sics of AI – Open on­line course Build­ing AI pub­lished


A new open online course by the University of Helsinki and technology company Reaktor explains the algorithms behind AI. Building AI is a sequel to Elements of AI, the international phenomenon that has been voted the world’s best computer science course. [...]

Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence helps to ob­tain in­creas­ingly ac­cur­ate in­for­ma­tion on air qual­ity


Researchers at the University of Helsinki have developed a technique for obtaining accurate information on air quality using simple and inexpensive measuring equipment. Thanks to the new technique, low-cost sensors could be utilised with a considerably broader scope. [...]

Brainsourcing is a novel crowdsourcing paradigm


It is now reality to mine the relevance to or interest of people directly from the human mind. With the help of EEG interpreted via machine learning that is possible for the first time. In their research paper, Keith M. Davis, Lauri Kangassalo, Michiel Spapé and Tuukka Ruotsalo introduce brainsourcing. It is a novel crowdsourcing paradigm that utilizes brain responses recorded via EEG of a group of people. [...]