Research programmes

Algorithmic Data Analysis (ADA)

Developing advanced data analysis, mining, and modelling methods for different areas of science and technology: combining basic research in computer science with applications.

Director: Professor Aristides Gionis

Computational Inference (CI)

Computational methods for creating useful information from the massive data sources produced by the current data revolution: pushing the boundary towards more complex problems involving big data, heterogeneous data sources, sructured data models and extremely rapid inference.

Director: Professor Petri Myllymäki

Distributed and Mobile Cloud Systems (DMC)

Design, analysis and evaluation of extremely large-scale networked systems.

Director: Professor Keijo Heljanko

Future Internet (FI)

Enhancing Internet infrastructure to enable efficient, secure and trusted always-on connectivity and services.

Director: Professor Jussi Kangasharju

Network Society (NS)

Developing human-centric ubiquitous ICT and anticipating its impact in everyday life.

Director: Professor Giulio Jacucci

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