Aalto’s Mobile Cloud Computing group deepens collaboration with IE Business School

In a world where the functionality of products and services is rapidly growing, artificial intelligence (AI) could provide new tools for understanding the structure and dynamics of the ideation challenge in innovation, e.g. where do original and creative ideas come from, and how AI tools could enhance this important part of the often ad hoc and sub optimal innovation process.

With the aim to research these tools, Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa, a Postdoctoral Researcher in the mc2 – Mobile Cloud Computing group, has made three one-week visits to IE Business School, an institution recently ranked 3rd by Financial Times in a comparison of European business schools.

The visits have strengthened Giancarlo’s collaboration with Professor Peter Bryant to combine technical expertise with deep understanding of business. Some current research tasks include:

  • To derive functions to assess the compound functionality of products and services.
  • To design machine learning models to replicate the process of innovation.

In addition, Giancarlo and his collaborators at IE Business School are preparing a Horizon 2020 proposal on automated mobility, and exploring other cooperation opportunities with Aalto University.