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We offer funded positions and support for information technology research.

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Open Positions
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Open Positions

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Open PhD or postdoc calls facilitated by HIIT

HIIT regularly organizes open calls with the aim of getting the best possible talents in IT to Finland. These calls (and the underlying process, involving setting up application forms, summaries and facilitating interviews) are offered as a free service to the whole Helsinki IT community. However, funding is available for research related to HIIT focus areas (artificial intelligence, computational health, cybersecurity, data science, or foundations of computing) in particular.

If you’d like to know more about the process or get an announcement published in the next calls, email us:

PhD call: PhD calls are facilitated by HICT. Email for more details.

Postdoctoral calls: Email

Focused recruitment

We may consider funding candidates outside the calls, proposed by a potential supervisor (or a team of supervisors), if the candidate is truly excellent and the decision needs to be made before the next open call. Candidates may be early career or more senior postdoctoral researchers. The funding period offered is flexible.

Priority is given to candidates who

  • conduct research in one (or more) of the strategic focus areas of HIIT (artificial intelligence, computational health, cybersecurity, data science, or foundations of computing), or
  • can act as a link between two or several groups, initiating or enhancing collaboration that has high impact potential. Collaboration can be within ICT, or can be linking ICT with the industry, public organizations, or other disciplines.

Collaboration between the two host universities is not a requirement, but it is a positive factor (provided that the collaboration is well-justified).

Note that it is not possible to apply for funding for the supervisor (for opening a postdoc call). This funding is for recruiting a named postdoctoral researcher. You are eligible to apply if you work at one of the following departments:

  • Computer Science at University of Helsinki,
  • Computer Science at Aalto University, or
  • Information and Communications Engineering at Aalto University.

Funding decisions are made by the monthly HIIT Steering Group. Submit your proposal by the end of the first week of the month to have it processed in that month’s meeting.

Apply for Focused Recruitment
Current HIIT Fellows
For postdocs and research fellows: Biannual open calls2022-06-17T08:14:39+03:00

Prospective postdoctoral researchers can apply through the joint Aalto University–University of Helsinki postdoc calls, organized regularly by HIIT. The funding period for Postdoctoral Fellows is generally 2 years with a possible 1-year extension. For more senior Research Fellow candidates, the funding period is generally 3 years with a possible 2-year extension.

If you already have a prospective supervisor or partner in Helsinki IT research and the postdoc call is closed, see the Focused recruitment section under For PIs: Recruit a researcher via HIIT.
For doctoral candidates: Biannual open calls2021-09-21T14:04:09+03:00

Fully funded doctoral candidate positions are available via joint calls organized twice a year by HICT, the Helsinki Doctoral Education Network in ICT. HICT is funded by HIIT.

HICT also supports various cross-department and cross-university events for students, and organizes additional training for students willing to enhance for example their pitching and presentation skills.

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