Funding for researchers

Support and funding opportunities for researchers in Helsinki IT.

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Funded positions
Support and funding opportunities for researchers

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply for this support if you work at one of the following departments:

  • Computer Science at University of Helsinki,
  • Computer Science at Aalto University, or
  • Information and Communications Engineering at Aalto University.


Please note:

Due to summer holiday season, activity funding applications are reviewed next time in the HIIT Steering Group meeting taking place on August 22nd. We accept applications during the summer break as well but there will be a pause in handling them.

Activity funding

HIIT can provide funding for initiatives that boost the quality, collaboration activities, impact, and visibility of research in information technology, such as events, researcher visits and conference attendance.

Funding decisions are made during the monthly HIIT Steering group meetings (see event calendar for dates). Please submit proposals one week before the meeting to be considered in that month’s meeting. (Note: If you select to be considered for funding from FCAI and HIIT in the application form, please allow for a longer processing time.) HIIT funding cannot be used to fund activities retroactively. The main applicant must have PI status in either Aalto University or University of Helsinki. In case of travel funding, please indicate clearly the name of the person travelling. Successful funding requests are typically no more than €5.000 per application (for HIIT funded applications).

Until further notice HIIT will be allocating less funding towards community support in order to prioritize recruitment. The following changes are effective from January 2024:

  • The typical approved funding amount has been reduced. The call target provides more details on the new requirements.
  • Collaborative projects for initiating new collaboration are no longer funded (i.e., we no longer fund summer internships or Master’s student projects)
  • Final crunch support to finalize doctoral theses is no longer funded
  • Funding for conference travel will be restricted to exceptional circumstances
Apply for activity funding

Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series

We organize the Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series, a high-profile lecture series on future information technologies. We invite internationally leading experts to highlight their points of view on current and future research challenges and solutions in information technology. These talks are open to all audiences, as our goal is to raise public discussion and build bridges between academia and other organizations.

An ideal speaker candidate is an esteemed visionary with an academic background (e.g., the CTO of an IT company, or a university professor with high societal or industrial impact). If you’d like to suggest a speaker for the lecture series, please contact Heikki Mannila, the coordinator of the series.

Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series

If you are funded by HIIT

Activity funding: reporting

If you receive funding for an activity, we ask you to make a concise report (1–2 text paragraphs and photo[s], if available) of the activity. We use the report in our internal reporting, but we may also publish the report or parts of it on our website and social media.

If you’d like to use our logos and templates in your presentations, take a look at our design resources:

HIIT logos and templates