Funding for researchers

Support and funding opportunities for researchers in Helsinki IT.

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Funded positions
Support and funding opportunities for researchers

Who can apply?

Our funding and support for researchers is available for everyone working in the Helsinki IT research community. Special funding is also available for doctoral students finishing their thesis.

You are eligible to apply for this support if you work at one of the following departments:

  • Computer Science at University of Helsinki,
  • Computer Science at Aalto University,
  • Communications and Networking at Aalto University, or
  • Signal Processing and Acoustics at Aalto University.

Activity funding

We can provide funding (typically ranging from €1.000–€20.000) for any initiative that boosts the quality, collaboration activities, impact, and visibility of research on information technology.

Examples of activities we can sponsor include, but are not limited to:

  • Workshops and other events,
  • Training,
  • Software licenses,
  • MSc thesis work,
  • Researcher visits, and
  • Initiating scientific or commercial collaborations.

In particular, we encourage applications coming from researchers in the following fields: artificial intelligence, computational health, cybersecurity, and data science. These are focal areas where we believe that the potential for societal impact is particularly high, and we prioritize applications related to these areas.

Funding decisions are made by the monthly HIIT Steering group. Submit your proposal by the end of the first week of the month to have it processed in that month’s meeting. For administrative reasons, the main applicant has to have PI status in either university.

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Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series

We organize the Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series, a high-profile lecture series on future information technologies. We invite internationally leading experts to highlight their points of view on current and future research challenges and solutions in information technology. These talks are open to all audiences, as our goal is to raise public discussion and build bridges between academia and other organizations.

An ideal speaker candidate is an esteemed visionary with an academic background (e.g., the CTO of an IT company, or a university professor with high societal or industrial impact). If you’d like to suggest a speaker for the lecture series, please contact Kimmo Kaski, the coordinator of the series.

Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series

For doctoral students

Final crunch support

HIIT provides funding to support PhD students in the final writing stage of their doctoral studies. The funding covers up to a maximum of 3 months salary and is strictly intended to be used for the sole purpose of writing up on a full-time basis, i.e., you cannot continue to be involved in project work with your PhD supervisor while being paid by this funding. If you are currently employed outside of the university, then it is assumed you will take a leave of absence while receiving the funding. In either case, the amount of the salary follows the universities’ normal practice.

To be eligible, you must be a final year PhD student and have completed all aspects of your doctoral studies with the exception of writing up your dissertation. Specifically, you are only eligible to apply if all of the following are true:

  • You have all the necessary credits to graduate.
  • All the publications to be listed in the dissertation are already completed.
  • You have a plan for when you are going to submit your thesis.
  • The period applied for starts in 2022.
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Activities and support from HICT

HICT, the Helsinki Doctoral Education Network in ICT also supports various cross-department and cross-university events for doctoral students, and organizes additional training for those willing to enhance, for example, their pitching and presentation skills. HICT is funded by HIIT.


If you are funded by HIIT

Activity funding: reporting

If you receive funding for an activity, we ask you to make a concise report (1–2 text paragraphs and photo[s], if available) of the activity. We use the report in our internal reporting, but we may also publish the report or parts of it on our website and social media.

If you’d like to use our logos and templates in your presentations, take a look at our design resources:

HIIT logos and templates