Artificial intelligence (AI) is key in enabling modern digital societies. The HIIT AI focus area brings together the strong and wide expertise on both statistical and symbolic AI in the Helsinki region, with main focus on computational aspects and methodological computational AI research. Beyond the development of core methods and techniques with general applicability, the methodologies are applied—typically with collaborators with application domain expertise—to various problems settings with real-world relevance.

Focus Area Leader: Samuel Kaski (Aalto University) Deputy Leader: Matti Järvisalo (University of Helsinki)

Research Groups

Probablistic Machine Learning (Group Leaders: Samuel Kaski, Aki Vehtari, Markus Heinonen, Hans Moen, Aalto University)

Constraint Reasoning and Optimization (Group Leader  Matti Järvisalo, University of Helsinki)

Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems (Group Leader Jussi Rintanen, Aalto University)

Cognitive Computing (Group Leader Tuukka Ruotsalo, University of Helsinki)

Complex Systems Computation CoSCo (Group Leaders Teemu Roos and Petri Myllymäki)

Discovery Research Group (Group Leader Hannu Toivonen, University of Helsinki)

Exploratory Data Analysis (Group Leader Kai Puolamäki, University of Helsinki)

Exploratory Search and Personalisation (Group Leader Dorota Glowacka, University of Helsinki)

Machine and Human Intelligence (Group leader Luigi Acerbi, University of Helsinki)

Machine Learning for Big Data (Group Leader Alex Jung, Aalto University)

Multi-Source Probabilistic Inference (Group Leader Arto Klami, University of Helsinki)

Neuroinformatics (Group Leader Aapo Hyvärinen, University of Helsinki)

Probabilistic Inference, Privacy and Computational Biology (Group Leader Antti Honkela, University of Helsinki)

Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) (Director Eero Hyvönen, Aalto University)

Spatiotemporal Data Analysis (Group leader Laura Ruotsalainen, University of Helsinki)

Sums of Products (Group Leader Mikko Koivisto, University of Helsinki)

User Interfaces (Group Leader Antti Oulasvirta, Aalto University)


AI Day brings top AI experts together once a year to discuss what is current in AI research in Finland. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet with potential new recruits.

FCAI Industry and Society events identify and work on themes based on the common needs of companies and researchers, with the goal to generate collaborative research projects.

AIX Forum addresses sector-specific AI challenges, applications and innovations.

Machine Learning Coffee Seminars weekly dive into a current research topic related to ML.


Please see the Research Groups’ pages to see research highlights.