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AI Day brings top AI experts together once a year to discuss what is current in AI research in Finland. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet with potential new recruits.

FCAI Industry and Society events identify and work on themes based on the common needs of companies and researchers, with the goal to generate collaborative research projects.

AIX Forum addresses sector-specific AI challenges, applications and innovations.

Machine Learning Coffee Seminars weekly dive into a current research topic related to ML.

Research Highlights

Fusion energy is no longer a project for the distant future. The current official EU aim is 35 years, and with AI methods, fusion is here even faster than what otherwise would be possible. Read More

FCAI researchers have recently developed two fast AI methods for grasping objects with multi-finger robotic hands, bringing us closer to the practical use of multi-finger robotic hands. Read More

The digital assistant EntityBot could help make computer usage easier by making suggestions based on the user’s actual needs, such as recommending relevant information. Read More

Big data analytics, machine learning and AI have created unprecedented possibilities for using data in a way that benefits us all – but there are also many possibilities for doing harm. Read More

Researchers at FCAI have developed models for transforming speech to text by automatic speech recognition. Read More

Researchers at FCAI have developed a machine learning-based method that can produce research data synthetically. The application is based on a method that allows academics and companies to share data with each other without compromising the privacy of the individuals involved in the study. Read More

Researchers from the University of Helsinki are developing a positioning system based on machine learning and an increasingly accurate and inexpensive navigation solution. Read More

Yield Systems aims to have a significant sustainable impact on the global food system by creating cost efficient AI capabilities for plant breeding and speeding up the development of crop yields and adaptation to climate change. Read More

Researchers in Helsinki have developed an artificial intelligence based spectral imaging technology that will make color determination accurate, universally true and accessible to everyone with a smartphone. Read More

Research Groups

Constraint Reasoning and Optimization (Coordinating Professor, Matti Järvisalo, University of Helsinki)

Discovery Research Group (Coordinating Professor, Hannu Toivonen, University of Helsinki)

Agile probabilistic AI (Coordinating Professor, Aki Vehtari, Aalto University)
Simulator-based inference (Coordinating Professor, Jukka Corander, University of Helsinki, University of Oslo)
Next-generation data-efficient deep learning (Coordinating Professor, Arno Solin, Aalto University)
Privacy-preserving and secure AI (Coordinating Professor, Antti Honkela, University of Helsinki
Interactive AI (Coordinating Professor, Antti Oulasvirta, Aalto University)
Autonomous AI (Coordinating Profesor, Ville Kyrki, Aalto University)
AI in society (Coordinating Professor, Petri Ylikoski, University of Helsinki)
Easy and privacy-preserving modeling tools (Coordinating Professor, Arto Klami, University of Helsinki)
Applications of AI in healthcare (Coordinating Professor, Pekka Marttinen, Aalto University)
Intelligent service assistant for people in Finland (Coordinating Professor, Tommi Mikkonen, University of Helsinki)
Atmospheric AI (Coordinating Professor, Kai Puolamäki, University of Helsinki)
AI-driven design of materials (Coordinating Professor, Patrick Rinke, Aalto University)
AI for sustainability (Coordinating Professor, Laura Ruotsalainen, University of Helsinki)

Special Interest Groups

AI for health Coordination: Professor Aleksei Tiulpin (University of Oulu), Professor Simo Särkkä (Aalto University) and Mark van Gils (Tampere University)

Language, speech and cognition Coordination: Professor Jörg Tiedemann (University of Helsinki)

Edge AI Coordination: Professor Sasu Tarkoma (University of Helsinki), Dr. Ella Peltonen (University of Oulu), Dr. Ashwin Rao (University of Helsinki)

AI for computer vision Coordination: Professor Moncef Gabbouj (University of Tampere), Professor Guoying Zhao (University of Oulu), Professor Juho Kannala (Aalto University)

AI for neuroscience Coordination: Professors Hanna Renvall (Aalto University & Helsinki University Hospital), Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto University)