Brainsourcing is a novel crowdsourcing paradigm

It is now reality to mine the relevance to or interest of people directly from the human mind. With the help of EEG interpreted via machine learning that is possible for the first time.

In their research paper, Keith M. Davis, Lauri Kangassalo, Michiel Spapé and Tuukka Ruotsalo introduce brainsourcing. It is a novel crowdsourcing paradigm that utilizes brain responses recorded via EEG of a group of people.

Brainsourcing allows the direct mapping of users’ implicit, neutrally measured reactions within recognition tasks to predict when targets of interest appear.

This research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and human-computer interaction aims at understanding, augmenting, and mimicking human cognitive processes using machine learning.

Watch the video: Brainsourcing: Crowdsourcing Recognition Tasks via Collaborative Brain Computer Interfacing

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