Collaboration in Computer Vision with ETH Zürich

Determining correspondences in images of a scene plays a key role in many computer vision applications. Starting from December 2017, Iaroslav Melekhov made a 4-month research visit to the Computer Vision and Geometry group (CVG) at ETH Zürich and worked on this challenging problem under the supervision of Dr. Torsten Sattler. The CVG group is part of the Institute for Visual Computing that focuses on computer vision with a particular focus on geometric aspects.

The visit gave Melekhov an opportunity to interact with some of the leading researchers in the field. The collaboration resulted in a joint paper, which will be included in Melekhov’s PhD thesis. Moreover, new connections with ETH researchers were established, creating opportunities for further collaboration in the future.

Iaroslav Melekhov’s research visit to ETH Zürich was supported by Aalto University and HIIT.