Drones in Urban Environment

The recording from the Drones in Urban Environment event of HiDATA is now available.

Drones may change the urban landscape sooner and more dramatically than we might expect. In a matter of years, there may be thousands of drones flying over our heads every day. Business, science and security actors are fast developing new uses for drones. Drone visions and threats pose new challenges for lawmakers and public regulators. But combined with advancements in data science, AI and robotics, drones may be a significant growth driver in the near future.

The Drones in Urban Environment event, organized in Think Corner on 25 September 2018, covered these and many more issues related to unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the event, the keynotes and discussion were joined by leading figures from business, academia and the public sphere. Opening speech by Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä was followed by the senior manager in strategy and innovation at Airbus, Vassilis Agouridas, who talked about development in smart mobility. Professor Alf Rehn shared insight on drone ambitions in emerging industries.

The panel discussion “1000 drones over Helsinki by 2020 – how?” covered the future developments in business and research, logistics, civil aviation, security and regulation, with top-ranking experts from these fields. Finally, the head of the drone capacity of the Finnish police force, Sami Hätönen, concluded the event with an exciting live demo of an urban drone search and surveillance mission.