Effectiveness of Augmented Reality explored in a user study in Heureka

Professor Yu Xiao’s group at Aalto ELEC has initiated multi-disciplinary research collaboration with professor Atte Oksanen’s group at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tampere. They have developed an Augmented Reality quiz for the visitors of the Finnish Science Center Heureka. While walking around, the visitors see questions and problems on augmented objects in the exhibition space.

The focus of the user study is to analyze how people perceive the Augmented Reality and how it influences their social behavior. The experiences of 3 different groups of people are compared: those using the augmented reality application, those using a regular mobile application and those doing a quiz on a sheet of paper. Results from over 400 participants have been collected, and the analysis is in progress.

A video about the research is available on the Aalto Mobile Cloud Computing group website.

Objects in the exhibition space are augmented with quiz questions