FCAI Community is open to researchers interested in developing or applying AI

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) is one of the six research flagships in Finland. It is both a research organization having a sharp research and impact agenda, and an open ecosystem of researchers, companies, and public organizations gathered around a common goal. All researchers based in Aalto University, University of Helsinki or VTT are welcome to join the community.

The ambitious mission of FCAI​ ​is to create a new type of AI that can operate with humans in the complex world and help Finnish industry and society to realize its full AI potential. This requires expertise from a number of fields, and when successful, will have substantial effects in science, economy, education, and the rest of the society, across a number of fields and applications. This is an opportunity a large set of top-level experts does not want to miss.

FCAI Community is for​ ​all researchers contributing to AI research or using its results. Join by filling in a light application form.