FCAI supports the Finnish Government’s new expert group on AI and digitalization

Sirpa Paatero, the Finnish Minister of Local Government, has set up a new expert group on artificial intelligence and digitalization. Several members of FCAI were appointed as the expert group members.

Professor Petri Myllymäki was appointed as a permanent member of the group, while Professor Sasu Tarkoma, who at FCAI leads its collaboration with the 6GFlagship, and Dr. Jaana Leikas, the chairperson of the FCAI Ethical Board, were appointed as non-permanent members of the group.

The chairperson of the new expert group on AI and digitalization is Heikki Mannila, the President of the Academy of Finland. The first public seminar of the group takes place on April 8. Read more at the Finnish government’s website (in Finnish).