HIIT Open 2019 programming contest

The 4th HIIT Open programming contest was organised on 25 May 2019 in Otaniemi. The contest was open to everyone interested in programming and algorithmic challenges, and in addition to the universities in the Helsinki region, there were participants from Finnish high schools and companies, and two teams from Tallinn University of Technology. The youngest team, named “Piltit”, was not even in high school yet. The total number of contestants was 32.

The 14 teams with 1-3 members in each had 13 tasks to solve, and 5 hours of time. In each task they had to write a computer program that solves a given task correctly and efficiently.

The winning team “bigint bugaa”, with Roope Salmi (Olarin Lukio), Olli Järviniemi (Päivölän opisto) and Antti Röyskö (University of Helsinki), solved 11/13 tasks correctly. The team “Game of Nolife”, with Tuukka Korhonen (University of Helsinki), Olli Hirviniemi (University of Helsinki) and Otte Heinävaara (Princeton University), had the same number of correct solutions, but came second because they submitted their solutions later. The 3rd place went to the team “Varokaa J:tä”, with Siiri Kuoppala, Henrik Lievonen and Miska Kananen, all from Aalto University.

For more information on the HIIT Open programming contest, please see http://open.hiit.fi/ – the contest has been organised since 2016 in collaboration between HIIT, Aalto University, and the University of Helsinki.