HIIT hosted its first Quantum Software Day at the University of Helsinki Kumpula campus on Friday 3.2.2023 which was intended for all quantum-curious computer scientists. We had over 100 attendees for the event.

The aim of the event was to both introduce the relevance of quantum computing for CS and share results and discuss ongoing quantum software and algorithm research within Finnish academia and industry. The target audience was people interested in quantum software and its applications. No prior knowledge of quantum computing was required for participation.

Jukka K Nurminen (Helsinki), who helped to organize this day, stated that “the number of people who attended [this event] shows that people are really interested in Quantum Computing. There is an obvious need for this type of event so that our researchers can meet and potentially collaborate in the future.”

The opening of the day was a lecture “Quantum Computing for Dummies” by HIIT Postdoctoral Fellow Massimo Equi.

Aalto University professor Alexandru Paler provided the Keynote lecture “Quantum Computers will need RAM.”

Our poster session allowed for researchers to present their recent projects. Seventeen posters were presented during our poster session, which led to a lively discussion about Quantum computing: its past, present, and future.

Slides from the lectures are available: “Quantum for Dummies” and Keynote “Quantum Computers will need RAM