HIIT Sponsored CoSDEO Workshop on Usable Security

In an increasingly connected world where the distinction between digital and analog gradually blurs, security is of imminent importance. However, traditional schemes which rely on ever longer and frequently changed passwords and patterns are stretched to their limits (e.g. memorability and interface constraints). A new paradigm is required which stresses that that security is not an end in itself but that it has to provide at the same time usability. Such usable security has received increasing attention in industry and academia in recent years.

On March 19th 2018, the 6th CoSDEO Workshop on Usable Security (https://cosdeo.github.io/) will be conducted in conjunction with PerCom 2018 in Athens, Greece. With the support of an HIIT open call, Florian Alt (http://www.florian-alt.org/) from the group for Media Informatics at the University of Munich (LMU) could be won as a keynote speaker for the event. Florian is well known for his work in the field of Usable Privacy and Security, having proposed the SnapApp and SmudgeSafe applications which can mitigate shoulder surfing and smudge attacks on authentication systems. Florian will talk about ‘Ubiquitous Security – Challenges and Opportunities for Usable Security in the Ubicomp Age’.

In addition, the workshop features invited talks by former Helsinki University Postdoc Hien Truong (NEC, Germany) and Dawud Gordon (twosen.se), as well as an industry keynote by Jan Lühr (anderscore).