International collaboration on AI powered systems for mental health

Thanks to community support provided HIIT in 2017 a series of workshops and invited talks have initiated a collaboration on using AI for mental health in particular considering workplaces.

Invited talks included Professor Kai Vogeley, University of Cologne | UOC · Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, who gave a talk in December 2017 on Neural Mechanisms of Intersubjectivity – From “Detached” Cognitive to “Truly” Social Neuroscience.

A concrete outcome of a workshop by invitation held in August 2017 , has been joint supervision of a PhD candidate now sucecssfully admitted at the Faculty of Medicine in the area of conversational agents for menatl health , Isaac Moshe joint supervised by Niklas Ravaja professor of eHealth and wellbeing, Faculty of Medicine at UH, Professor Giuseppe Riccardi from the University of Trento, and Heleen Riper, PhD Professor eMental-Health/ clinical psychology.

These developments mark an important progress in interfaculty collaboration inside University of Helsinki and strong collaboration with important and recognised experts in Europe on applying advanced technologies for mental health.