In­sti­tu­teQ brings to­gether top ex­pert­ise in quantum science and tech­no­lo­gies

Helsinki University, Aalto University and VTT establish together InstituteQ, The Finnish Quantum Institute to coordinate quantum science and technologies.


The re­si­li­ence of a hos­pital-as­so­ci­ated bac­terium dates back over a cen­tury

An extensive international study has discovered features related to the origin and evolution of the Enterococcus faecalis bacterium which have enabled it to survive in spite of advances associated with antibiotics and infection control in hospitals.


Beauty is in the brain of the be­holder

An AI gen­er­ates per­son­ally at­tract­ive im­ages by read­ing brain data


VEIL.AI pro­duces in­creas­ingly safe data for med­ical science

Li­cence agree­ment con­cluded with the University of Helsinki


Finnish AI Region (FAIR) is a candidate for European EDIH

FAIR has been selected by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy as one candidate for a European Digital Innovation Hub. The hubs will launch their activities in the second half of 2021.


Professor Kari Tammi’s group develops digital twins for industrial use

Benefits from digital twins are huge, especially in industrial product development.


Ma­jor EU pro­ject will har­ness AI and ge­n­om­ics for disease pre­ven­tion

An international collaboration project to develop and implement novel genome-based disease prediction tools has received over 10 million euros from the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program. The project aims to demonstrate the potential and benefits of powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on the generation of genetic predictive scores and to test their clinical validity.


Finland is going up in the Global AI Index

Finland is now ranked number eleven in the new Global AI Index. One category where Finland is particularly good is research.


New organizational structure of HIIT and the HIIT community support

The HIIT SAB convened in November 2020 to provide support in strategic planning of HIIT and its activities. Since the previous HIIT SAB meeting in 2016, we have witnessed a lot of new developments in the landscape of information technology research in the capital area.


Euro-BioImaging is the leading European research infrastructure for imaging technologies that have a central role in driving fundamental research and applied innovations in both biological and biomedical research.

High Content Imaging and Analysis Unit (FIMM-HCA) at FIMM Technology Centre has now joined Euro-BioImaging in the Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node, allowing it to offer new expertise in high-throughput microscopy.

Euro-BioImaging offers its services via 25 internationally renowned imaging facilities called Nodes, which are located across eleven countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL.


The Eth­ics of AI on­line course urges us to con­sider what technology should be used for

The new Ethics of AI course helps public administration, businesses and the general public understand what the ethical use of artificial intelligence means and what it requires from both society and individuals.

The course offered by the University of Helsinki has been designed in a partnership between the Cities of Helsinki, Amsterdam and London as well as Finland’s Ministry of Finance.[...]


AI predicts which drug combinations kill cancer cells

A machine learning model can help us treat cancer more effectively.

Researchers developed a machine learning model that accurately predicts how combinations of different cancer drugs kill various types of cancer cells.[...]


Full Stack Open course translated into Chinese by a volunteer

A Chinese software developer came across a course on the web that attracted his attention.

He translated the course into Chinese, and now the Full Stack Open course has gained 10,000 Chinese students.[...]


Airfloow from Portugal won the Venture with Air hackathon

Venture with Air competition attracted submissions from four continents.

Winning team’s software optimises air quality and energy consumption in buildings.[...]


Nitin Sawhney receives an Academy of Finland grant for analyzing and reconstructing crisis narratives

Professor Sawhney hopes that his collaborative research will offer insights into how crisis narratives emerge in society during the global pandemic

The Academy of Finland has granted special funding for research projects studying crisis preparedness and security of supply.[...]


New epidemic modelling facilitates assessment of corona strategies

The NordicMathCovid project aims to model corona and future epidemics more extensively than has been previously attempted.

It also builds towards long-term cooperation in mathematical modelling and extensive collection of health data.[...]


Aalto’s Mobile Cloud Computing group deepens understanding on the geometrical and operational meaning of sparsity and entropy

In the past hundred years, the measures to compute sparsity, traditionally in the form of entropy, have been characterized and qualified from the physical or operational, and information theoretic perspectives.

In this paper, instead, a classical mathematical approach using equivalence relations has enabled a minimal characterization of sparsity. [...]


Scientists develop a sound device to allow monkeys to play sounds and music

The use of sounds is a promising way to improve the life and wellbeing of animals living in captivity.

Sound is a promising way to stimulate zoo animals and increase their welfare, as shown by a study from Aalto University collaborating with Helsinki’s Korkeasaari Zoo. [...]


Machine Learning Coffee Seminars continue with a great lineup of speakers

FCAI’s highly popular seminar series Machine Learning Coffee Seminar (MLCS) started running again in September 2020, this time online.

The MLCS seminars take place weekly on Monday mornings and they are organized by FCAI and hosted by researchers at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. [...]


Thirteen new units to ELLIS network

Ellis Unit Helsinki participates now in a network of 30 research units.

The ELLIS units will make a decisive contribution to securing Europe’s sovereignty and leadership in the research field of modern AI. [...]