Project manager for the ELISE project

Hanna Poikela will start on as a project manager in an EU-funded project called ELISE on 1. September 2020.

Ms Poikela will be responsible for the administrative coordination of this 12M€ project that brings together top AI experts from over 100 organizations in the ELLIS network of excellence.

ELISE stands for European Learning and Intelligent Systems Excellence, and was initiated by ELLIS, the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems, which was created in 2018 to create a network of AI excellence, with Europe’s top researchers in ML and related fields that can compete with the major AI hotspots in the US and China.

The goal of ELISE to make Europe competitive by setting up a “Powerhouse of AI”

The ELISE network is set up to be attractive to students and experienced researchers, to sustain itself at the highest level research in academia, and to spread its knowledge and methods in research, industry and society.

While ELISE starts from machine learning as a key enabling technology of AI, the network addresses all ways of reasoning, considering all types of data, applicable for almost all sectors of science, industry, and society while being aware of data safety and security, and striving to provide explainable and trustworthy outcomes.