Prospects and challenges of AI discussed in a conference on EU innovation strategy

Artificial intelligence was one of the main topics in the recent conference Innovative Europe? Time for a new EU innovation strategy. In a workshop focusing on the impact of AI on working life, HIIT Director Petri Myllymäki brought up some of the shortcomings of the current generation of AI systems and stated that the next wave of AI will be more transparent, will be able to explain itself and better assess uncertainties.

These are some of the core principles guiding the world-class research done at the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence. “The next generation will be the big revolution. We haven’t seen anything yet,” Myllymäki said. The technology is still in its formative stages, and Europe has a good chance of catching up on the early American and Chinese lead.

For more information, see the write-up of the conference organiser and overview of FCAI research.