Students and companies work together in Data Science program

MSc program´s Data Science Project course is built around data science projects for external clients, like companies or research organizations. The course instructors accept project proposals from potential clients until the end of November 2020.

During the course, students will work in teams to provide prototype products to the clients.

“Such experience is very important for students as it prepares them to tackle real-world problems when they join the industry. Moreover, it brings companies and other clients in contact with potential future employees, thus making hiring a smoother process”, says professor Michael Mathioudakis.

Through the course, students get to experience how the techniques they learn during their studies are combined and applied in practice. In addition, they learn to collaborate with other students who may have different skills than them. The aim is for students to complete their projects by working collaboratively in a team.

The next course session starts in January 2021. If your company or research organization team has an idea for a project proposal, please contact professors Michael Mathioudakis or Kai Puolamäki. For more details, please check the course webpage.