The HIIT Summer call for postdoctoral researcher and research fellow positions is now open.

We are looking to support up to 10 outstanding researchers in their career development through our HIIT Postdoctoral Fellowship and HIIT Research Fellowship Programmes. We are also working with members of our Helsinki ICT Community who are also seeking to fulfill positions for their projects.
In addition to this, Aalto University has launched a new collaborative initiative in transformative research to support cooperation between AI and Data Science researchers with researchers in other fields. Collaborating professors are seeking AI and Data Science for 7 projects.
Researchers hired during this Summer call are expected to start in early 2023.
To see our available open positions, click here
Our previous Winter call call attracted 202 applicants from 36 counties. Despite the continuing pandemic, the number of applicants was similar to previous years. Of these applicants, 40 were short-listed for interview and, after careful consideration, 7 postdoctoral researchers were hired. The new researchers are expected to start in Autumn 2022.