Virtual Touch: Tactile feedback in VR performances

The Aalto Wearable Systems Lab has been collaborating with Avatar’s Journey on the development of EVE: Virtual Touch Lab. The Aalto team is responsible for developing smart gloves that provide touch sensations in real-time.

Prototype smart gloves. Photographed by Wan-ting Hsieh.

EVE: Virtual Touch Lab is an interactive virtual encounter game for 1-4 participants at a time. Wearing VR glasses and smart gloves, the participants are taken to a 12-minute virtual experience created by the mysterious “EVE”. In the virtual world, the participants are transformed into avatar bodies. They can interact with each other, smart gloves transmitting touch sensations in real-time.

Participants play through three one-on-one encounter games targeted to foster “micro-love” through empathic connection and synchronic movements. The first pilot is expected to be run in August 2021.

More information:

Yu Xiao, Assistant Professor

Department of Communications and Networking, Aalto University