The annual report for 2021 is now available on our website. It has been approved by both the HIIT Steering Group and the HIIT Board in March 2022.

In the overview, the director of HIIT, Petri Myllymäki, provides a brief summary of the calendar year, including detailing key instruments that were crucial in HIIT goals. We focus on research from our researchers that has proven impact in our highlights section. Some of this research was directly funded, in some way, by HIIT.

One of the ways that we believe can make impact to the Helsinki ICT research area is through recruitment. We provided funding for two types of positions: Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Fellow. Researchers who were in either of these positions in 2021 are featured in the “Funded Researchers” section.

In our “Publications” section we provide links to our participating departments’ research portal so that everyone can delve deeper into the research that is produced by the members of the Helsinki ICT community. We also provide a comparison with 2020 to show that overall, our researchers have produced more publications. While we would like to provide a comparison of all of the years since the founding of HIIT, it is not currently posssible due to fairly recent reforms within our participating universities’ systems.

While HIIT does not directly fund doctoral students throughout their education at the University of Helsinki or Aalto University, we do provide support through activities and organising two annual calls for new doctoral students. You can find out more about the activities from 2021 and statistics from the open calls under the “Doctoral Education” tab.

Even though the situation of the pandemic limited our ability to fully enjoy the offers provided Distinguished Lecture Series, we were still able to organize one meeting of the event series. Information about the speaker, an abstract of their talk, and a link to the video of the talk is provided under the “Distinguished Lecture Series” tab.

The “Organisational Structure” tab details the functions and roles of different aspects of the HIIT organisation, including the addition of an additional Focus Area in late 2021.

All of our Focus Areas have a leader who helps those who focus on research in said area to have an advocate for the advancement of their research. These Focus Areas are often supported with an affiliated unit. More information can be found on the “Focus Areas” tab.

The Board is the highest decision-making body for HIIT. To view the members that comprised the HIIT board for 2021, please visit the “Board” tab.

The Scientific Advisory Board for HIIT meets every four years. The last time that the SAB met was in 2020. However, we have provided access about their findings in 2020 under the “Scientific Advisory Board.”

All of this would not be possible without the financial support to the Helsinki ICT community. The “Funding” tab provides critical details about funding received including sources as well as budgets and expenditures. Included in this section are the details about a new funding apparatus directed to help doctoral students in their last moments of writing their thesis. We have entitled this funding as “Final Crunch Funding,” and it provides the doctoral student with funding for three months so that they may complete their thesis without the added hurdles of working for a project.

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