Annual Report 2022: Publications

Below are the number of publications of the entire Helsinki ICT community in 2022. This includes publications from the four departments mentioned in Organisation. The publications are categorized into the following categories: Articles in International Scientific Journals, Articles in International Edited works and conference proceedings, Scientific monographs and edited books, other publications, and doctoral theses.
Publications 2022 2021 2020
Articles in international scientific journals with referee practice 650 614 487
Articles in international edited works and conference proceedings with referee practice 488 451 445
Scientific monographs and edited books 23 35 18
Other publications 40 22 40
Doctoral theses 42 39 50
Total 1243 1161 1040

Helsinki ICT publications 2020-2022*

For full lists of publications by department, please consult the public research databases:

For examples of publications by HIIT funded researchers, please see Funded Researchers


*This community now covers four ICT departments, and we now report the output of this whole ICT community instead of a set of named “HIIT researchers” as before, for which reason the numbers given here are not compatible with those presented in the annual reports preceding year 2020, and we do not give a full time series.