HIIT-funded postdoctoral researchers

Our primary channels in recruiting postdocs are the bi-annual calls, and the applicant in the calls is the postdoc. We may also consider candidates outside the calls, proposed by a potential supervisor (or a team of supervisors), if the candidate is truly excellent and the decision needs to be made before the next call. Priority is given to candidates who either support one (or more) of the strategic focus areas of HIIT, or who can work as a link between two or several groups, initiating or enhancing collaboration that has high impact potential. Collaboration can be within ICT, or can be linking ICT with the industry, public organizations, or other disciplines. Collaboration between the two host universities is not a requirement, but it is a positive factor (provided that the collaboration is well-justified).

A potential supervisor should get in touch with the relevant focus area leader(s), and explain how the candidate would strengthen the area(s), or in case of multi-group collaboration, prepare the proposal with the other supervisors. The application can be submitted by sending a short message to coordinator@hiit.fi. Please include the following data in your message as a single PDF file named “lastnameofthecandidate.pdf”:

  • Motivation letter written together with the planned supervisor(s) and the candidate, describing
    • a tentative plan for the research work (1-5 pages), explaining how the work would enhance the quality, collaboration activities, impact and visibility within one of the HIIT focus areas, or collaboratively across communities
    • a suggestion for the funding period (and whether other funding sources would be available to support the candidate during part of the period)
    • the supporting teams (in case of multi-group collaboration, HIIT reserves the right to assign the supervisor among the listed group leaders)
  • CV of the postdoc candidate, including
    • List of publications
    • A transcript of the doctoral studies and degree certificate of the PhD degree

Note that it is not possible to apply for funding for the supervisor (for opening a postdoc call), this funding is for recruiting a named postdocs.

The funding decisions are made by the HIIT Steering Group, which meets once per month. Please send your proposal at least one week in advance to give the the steering group members time to study it before the meeting.

Recent postdocs supported by HIIT:

  • Amorós Carafi, Laia (supervised by Alexander Jung at Aalto)
  • Andolina, Salvatore (supervised by Giulio Jacucci at Aalto)
  • Antikainen, Markku (supervised by Valtteri Niemi at Aalto)
  • Berg, Jeremias (supervised by Matti Järvisalo at UH)
  • Chauhan, Jagmohan (supervised by Tuomas Aura at Aalto)
  • Galbrun, Esther (supervised by Indrė Žliobaitė at UH)
  • Glerean, Enrico (supervised by Jari Saramäki at Aalto)
  • Heinonen, Markus (co-supervised by Harri Lähdesmäki and Samuel Kaski at Aalto)
  • Hossein Motlagh, Naser (supervised by Sasu Tarkoma at UH)
  • Hyttinen, Antti (supervised by Mikko Koivisto at UH)
  • Medlar, Alan (supervised by Petri Myllymäki at UH)
  • Nikula, Miika (supervised by Samuel Kaski at Aalto)
  • Pulkkinen, Otto (supervised by Ville Mustonen at UH)
  • Puranen, Santeri (supervised by Jukka Corander at UH)
  • Rao, Ashwin (supervised by Sasu Tarkoma at UH)
  • Ruotsalo, Tuukka (supervised by Giulio Jacucci at UH)
  • Slawinska, Joanna (supervised by Teemu Roos at UH)
  • Tajeddine, Razane (supervised by Antti Honkela at UH)
  • Williams, Nitin (supervised by Samuel Kaski at Aalto)