HIIT researcher visits Columbia University - Prof. Henning Schulzrinne

Fri, 17.10.2014

HIIT researcher Aaron Yi DING, supervised by Professor Sasu Tarkoma and senior researcher Markku Kojo, is visiting Columbia University in New York USA, from September to December 2014.

Brain poetry exhibited in Frankfurt Book Fair

Fri, 10.10.2014

Computational creativity, in particular computational poetry, is currently being exhibited in an art installation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014. The installation builds on the P.O.Eticus-Apparatus poetry creation engine developed in the Discovery research group by Jukka Toivanen. Jukka is also a member of the art collective Brains on Art that produced this installation which uses the visitor's brain waves as inspiration when writing a unique poem for the visitor.

Improved methods for motif matching. Applications to discovering factor binding sites in DNA sequences

Mon, 06.10.2014

New algorithms are presented for the problem of multiple string matching of gapped patterns, where a gapped pattern is a sequence of strings such that there is a gap of fixed length between each two consecutive strings. The problem has applications in the discovery of transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences when using generalized versions of the Position Weight Matrix model to describe transcription factor specificities.

International Visitors to Genome Scale Algorithmics in October

Mon, 06.10.2014

October will see Dr. Pawel Gawrychowski (Max Plank Institute for Informatik) and Dr. Yasuo Tabei (Tokyo Institute of Technoology) visit Genome Scale Algorithmics, a subgroup of HIIT Algorithmic Data Analysis programme, led by Professor Veli Makinen.

ACM MobiSys PhD Workshop - Opportunity for Doctoral Students

Fri, 03.10.2014

The recent ACM MobiSys PhD workshop is a venue that provides a friendly and supportive environment for doctoral students to present and discuss their dissertation research both with their peers and with a panel of experienced researchers from academia and industry.