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HIIT involved in two Tekes’ strategic research openings

New Tekes research projects will find solutions for new energy systems, personalised healthcare and novel industrial processes using biological systems. HIIT participates in two of the three programmes (Digital Health Revolution and Living Factories).

More information on School of Science's website.

Nature Biotechnology: Drug sensitivity predicted computationally by HIIT & FIMM researchers

With modern high-throughput technologies researchers can measure a multitude of molecular properties from cancer cells. A big question of precision medicine is how computational modelling can be used to predict sensitivity of cancer cells to drugs, and the best cancer treatment. Answers are sought in a study published in Nature Biotechnology.

HIIT researchers organized AISTATS 2014 and the collocated MLSS 2014

Artificial Intelligence and Statistics is one of the top ranking conferences on machine learning. The conference was chaired by Profs. Samuel Kaski and Jukka Corander. Dr. Jaakko Peltonen was the publicity chair and Dr. Antti Honkela was the publication chair. The collocated Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS 2014) brought together top researchers from all over the world to give short courses of various machine learning topics.

Academy of Finland funding to HIIT researchers Matti Järvisalo and Tuukka Ruotsalo

Dr Matti Järvisalo got Academy of Finland's 5-year Academy Research Fellow funding for his research on "Decision Procedures for the Polynomial Hierarchy, Boolean Optimization, and Model Counting (PHantoM)". More information on Matti's research is found in this page.

A new Board nominated for HIIT

The mother universities of HIIT and the Staff of HIIT have nominated their representatives into the new Board of HIIT for the term 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2018. The new Board is listed at http://www.hiit.fi/board where you will also find more information.


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