Annual Report 2023: Recruitment

The current strategy of HIIT is to support its mission by focusing on attracting new talents to our ecosystem. We feel that recruitment of new talents is perhaps the most cost-effective way for enhancing the quality, visibility and impact of the local ICT research community as a whole, and that the added value is greatest when focusing on bringing  in new talents on the postdoctoral level, since with doctoral or Masters level students the scope of impact easily remains within the research group of the supervisor. For this reason, we have been continuously improving our recruitment processes, and this work has started to bear fruit, witnessed by several top-level recruitments through our bi-annual calls.

HIIT provides funding for two types of fellowship positions: HIIT Postdoctoral Fellow and HIIT Research Fellow.

HIIT Postdoctoral Fellow positions are intended for researchers who have recently completed their doctoral degrees. HIIT Postdoctoral Fellows are not hired to work on externally funded projects, but are intended to support one or more of the HIIT strategic focus areas. These positions provide opportunities for development as a researcher within a research group from one of the three departments conducting ICT research in Aalto University and University of Helsinki.

HIIT Research Fellow positions support the career development of excellent advanced researchers who already have some postdoctoral research experience. While HIIT Research Fellows have a designated supervisor at University of Helsinki or Aalto, they are expected to develop their own research agenda and to gain the skills necessary to lead their own research group in the future. HIIT Research Fellows should strengthen Helsinki’s ICT research community either through collaboration or by linking ICT research with another scientific discipline. In either case, excellence and potential for impact are the primary criteria for HIIT Research Fellow funding.

To view HIIT funded fellows for 2023, please see our Fellows 2023 page.

Additionally, in order to support the larger Helsinki ICT Community we run two types of recruitment: doctoral researcher recruitment and postdoctoral researcher recruitment. HIIT does not provide funding for these positions, rather they are funded by PIs, but HIIT provides the support to run the recruitment calls for these processes. The results of the recruitment calls for 2023 are below.

HIIT Fellowship call and PI funded Postdoctoral Researcher Recruitment Calls
HIIT Fellow and PI Postdoctoral Recruitment Calls 2023
Summary Summer 2023 Winter 2022-2023
Applicants 342 196
Shortlisted 36 40
Offers 8 12
Recruited 7 10

Table 1: HIIT Fellow and PI postdoctoral researcher call results for 2023

Doctoral Researcher Recruitment Calls
Doctoral Researcher Recruitment Calls 2023
Summary Summer 2023 Winter 2022-2023
Applicants 322 272
Shortlisted 25 53
Offers 7 10
Recruited 5 7

Table 2: Doctoral researcher call results for 2023