HIIT Focus Areas

The mission of HIIT is enhance the quality, collaboration activities, impact and visibility of research on information technologies. We have selected a number of strategic focus areas of research, where we believe the impact potential of our research community is particularly high. In addition to this, we can also support our ICT community more broadly and provide support for various activities in any ICT research area as long as they clearly support the general mission above (for more details, see https://www.hiit.fi/support-for-researchers/).

The current focus areas of research of HIIT are the following:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is without doubt one of the most important factors in the development of modern digital societies. The focus area addresses mostly methodological issues relates to AI, covering both statistical (machine learning) and non-statistical (symbolic, logic-based) methods, and their applications.
Focus Area Leader: Samuel Kaski (Aalto)

Computational Health

The focus area studies computational challenges faced upon the emerging digitalization and wide adoption of data-driven approaches in healthcare. The goal is to combine state-of-the-art computational methods with large-real world data arising in healthcare and personalized medicine.
Focus Area Leader: Juho Rousu (Aalto)


The topics of interest in the focus area include (mobile) platform security, machine learning and security, 5G security, applied cryptography, security protocol engineering, network security, security for ubiquitous computing, protocol analysis, formal verification, foundations of cryptography, white-box cryptography, blockchains and consensus, and stylometry and security.
Focus Area Leader: Valtteri Niemi (UH)

Data Science

The focus area deals with the task of extracting knowledge and insights from data, which is important across many fields of science. The aim is to solve significant societal and industrial challenges related to data analysis.
Focus Area Leader: Sasu Tarkoma (UH)

HIIT Affiliated Units

HIIT has also been involved with the creation of several joint Aalto – University of Helsinki units that heavily overlap with the focus areas, but which are not any more considered as direct sub-units of HIIT (see the discussion at https://www.hiit.fi/new-organizational-structure-of-hiit-and-the-hiit-community-support/). In the new organization chart of HIIT, these units are presented as “affiliated units”. In the past these affiliated units have included several Centers of Excellence of the Academy of Finland, and the current national AI flagship FCAI is one of the units.

The current affiliated units are: